National CRT Awareness Week is finally here! This week the Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) community is joining forces to collectively foster a broader and deeper understanding of what CRT is, the benefits it provides, and why funding policies need to support access for people with disabilities.

On Day One of CRT Awareness Week, we celebrate the individuals who utilize CRT every day to maximize their independence and protect their health. We are privileged not only to advocate for CRT with each of you but to also have member companies that work hard to supply you with quality products and professional services every day.

No matter what role CRT plays in your life, anyone can be an advocate and there are many different ways to get involved. Click here to visit a website with some ideas to help you brainstorm or simply follow NCART on FacebookLinked In, and Twitter to "love" and share our posts. Whatever way you decide to get involved, be sure to use #CRTAwareness with your post so we can see it too. This will help us spread those messages this week and in the future.

We're looking forward to hearing and seeing the great ways people share about CRT this week. It is the consistent efforts of many advocates that create meaningful and lasting changes to protect access. Thank you for finding at least ONE DAY and ONE WAY to be an active advocate for Complex Rehab Technology this week!

Talk Rehab CRT Awareness Podcast Series: Day 1 - Advocating as a CRT User

Click here to listen to what long-time advocate and Unite4CRT host Jenny Siegle shares about raising awareness for Complex Rehab Technology as a CRT User.

Thanks to Talk Rehab and our 2022 Virtual CRT Congressional Fly-In Premium Sponsors for making this podcast possible!