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Archive - September 2022

September NCART News

Each month “NCART News” delivers the latest Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) Medicare and Medicaid updates, advocacy opportunities, and event information all in one place. This month’s edition can be found at:  This...

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Senate CRT Sign-On Letter Introduced for Power Seat Elevation and Standing Systems

September 21, 2022 CRT Advocates and Friends,   More good CRT news to share just one short week after the NCART/NRRTS Virtual Congressional Fly-In. A sign-on letter to CMS regarding power seat elevation and standing systems coverage...

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NCART State Work in September

Coverage and funding at the state level play a key role in the availability and provision of Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) products and supporting services. NCART offers providers, manufacturers, associations, and policy makers strategic advice and direct...

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Great Day for CRT Advocacy; House CRT Sign-On Letter Needs Signers

September 15, 2022 CRT Advocates and Friends,   Yesterday was a banner day for CRT advocacy and we have much to share! The NCART/NRRTS Virtual Congressional Fly-In was an overwhelming success. This year's event scored record...

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