It's day four of National CRT Awareness Week. Today is about recognizing and thanking Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) Manufacturers! This group is responsible for technology innovation and excellence. They listen to feedback from the entire CRT community and get to work designing, testing, and producing quality equipment focused on maximizing independence and supporting positive health outcomes for people with disabilities.

´╗┐We want to especially recognize our NCART Manufacturer Members, who can be found by visiting our membership page at NCART Members | NCART. Their leadership, active engagement, and financial support are foundational pillars of our advocacy work protecting access to the specialized equipment they manufacture.

Let's keep this week going strong by continuing to share the CRT message with others. Advocates can visit the CRT Awareness Week website to find suggestions and tools that make it even easier to participate. Click here for some ideas to help you brainstorm or simply follow NCART on FacebookLinked In, and Twitter to "love" and share our posts. Whatever way you decide to get involved, be sure to use #CRTAwareness with your post so we can see it too!  

Talk Rehab CRT Awareness Podcast Series
Day 4: CRT Manufacturers in Advocacy Action

Tom Borcherding, industry veteran and CRT advocate, is Senior Vice President of Business Development at LUCI. Today, Tom discusses how manufacturers can help raise awareness of CRT. Click to listen! 

Thanks to Talk Rehab and our 2022 Virtual CRT Congressional Fly-In Premium Sponsors for making this podcast series possible!

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A Dynamic Approach to Bladder Health

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