We wish that every legislator, policymaker, and community member already knew about Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) and the benefits it provides to people with disabilities. While we aren't there just yet, we've made real progress and are increasing the number of decision makers who understand how vital CRT is.  

National CRT Awareness Week is a chance to keep our momentum moving forward by collectively showcasing what CRT is all about and why protecting access to this specialized equipment is so important. 

Participating in National CRT Awareness Week is simple:

(1) Pick a day to participate. This year CRT Awareness Week runs from Sept 20-24.

(2) Decide which way you want to share details about CRT with others. Download the flyer for some ideas!

(3) Use #CRTAwareness so we can see your posts and help spread the word.

This year advocates have the additional option of participating in the CRT Virtual Congressional Fly-In on September 21. For more details about this opportunity to take the CRT message directly to your Members of Congress, click here.

For questions or other ideas on how to get involved, download the flyer or email Mickae Lee at [email protected] We can't wait to see how everyone helps spread the CRT message!