ncart-blog-get-excited The 2016 RESNA/NCART conference is coming up soon! We're excited to gather together with like-minded individuals and talk about the issues that are impacting us. For today's blog, we're going to talk about some of the highlights from the conference we're looking forward to: CRT Industry Leader's Panel Those who provide complex rehab technology know that our industry is facing many changes. This session will feature a panel of industry leaders who will share their thoughts and perspectives about what's happening. Those who attend this session can expect to walk away with both an overview of the industry changes, as well as suggestions as to what to do. No More Addendums! Get it right the First Time when Documenting the Medical Necessity for Complex Rehab Technology This interactive workshop will help attendees gain some insight into Medicare documentation requirements. All clinicians are familiar with the frustration of having a patient who clearly needs complex rehab technology, but then are told the documentation doesn't reflect medical necessity. This session will present in an easy-to-understand manner what it is Medicare expects. Those in attendance will have the chance to review actual wheelchair evaluations, and report back to the rest of the group what they found. CRT Town Hall If you need to speak your mind about something, this is the place to do it! The CRT Town Hall offers an open forum for people to talk about the many topics surrounding the CRT industry, including its future. The actual topics will be based on attendee suggestions, although they must be suitable for group discussion. Those are just a handful of the sessions that we're most excited about. With the conference coming up fast, we would like encourage you to register, if you haven't already done so. We hope to see you there!