Coverage and funding at the state level play a key role in the availability and provision of Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) products and supporting services. NCART offers providers, manufacturers, associations, and policy makers strategic advice and direct advocacy on state issues to protect and improve access to CRT.

In September, NCART partnered with CRT providers in Alaska, California, Nevada, and Utah to enhance and protect access to CRT.

1. Alaska – An NCART provider workgroup has met to summarize provider access to care concerns that include cost-plus reimbursement for manually priced items as well as service/repair policy and documentation requirements currently restricting access. NCART has provided initial information to the Department and meetings are scheduled to request the needed changes. 

2. California – An NCART stakeholder workgroup is meeting monthly to continue identifying areas of opportunity for improved access to CRT through the Medi-Cal program. Discussions are ongoing and another meeting with the Department is scheduled for late September.  Addionally, a separate Cal-AIM CRT workgroup has been established to develop a CRT policy proposal for submission to that program. 

3. Nevada – An NCART provider group met to outline current challenges impacting access to care and NCART has had initial discussions with the Department; additional information is being provided to the Department and a September meeting is requested.

4. Utah – An NCART provider workgroup has met with the Department several times to seek solutions for CRT provider concerns and oppose updated State Plan Amendment language that would impact CRT fee schedule items. NCART also presented FY 2024 budget recommendations to the Medical Care Advisory Committee on 6/16.  Additional information and analysis are being gathered for Department review after an August meeting and outreach to state legislators is being planned.

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