Coverage and funding at the state level play a key role in the availability and provision of CRT products and supporting services. NCART offers providers, manufacturers, associations, and policy makers strategic advice and direct advocacy on state issues to protect and improve access to CRT.

When a significant access issue is identified within a state, NCART's Payer Relations Committee and our state workgroups convene to review the problem, identify needed solutions, and implement the necessary advocacy plans. Below is a summary of some of our ongoing work:

Alaska – An NCART provider workgroup has made requests that include changes to reimbursement and administrative simplification. NCART has provided supporting information to the Department and the most recent meeting was held on 11/30; Department feedback is anticipated in late December.

California – An NCART stakeholder workgroup continues meeting monthly to actively pursue improving access to CRT through the Medi-Cal program and to identify opportunities for CRT within the Cal-AIM program. Meetings with both the Department and state legislators were held in November and December to discuss the upcoming session and opportunities for CRT legislation.

Maine – NCART met with HOMES and provider members regarding rate adjustments scheduled for 1/1/23 that will impact CRT codes; comments were submitted on 12/15 to convey concerns and recommendations.

Massachusetts – Legislation impacting CRT wheelchairs was unexpectedly passed out of committee and engrossed in the Senate during their informal session. NCART and an industry stakeholder workgroup have updated needed resources and conducted outreach to House leadership; NCART and others will be meeting with legislators throughout the remainder of the session, which ends on January 3.

Nevada – An NCART provider group summarized current challenges impacting access to care and has made initial requests to the Department; additional information has been submitted to the Department and NCART is meeting with Department leadership on 12/19 to continue discussing proposed solutions and an implementation timeline.