November 12, 2009 - For Immediate Release, Contact: Don Clayback, Executive Director, 716-839-9728 or [email protected]

NCART Unveils New Website Information and Resources to Protect Access to Complex Rehab Technology

Buffalo, New York — November 12, 2009

Today, the National Coalition for Assistive and Rehab Technology announced the opening of their redesigned website at The website has been completely reorganized and updated to provide timely information and resources on Complex Rehab Technology products and services and help battle the issues that threaten consumer access.

Don Clayback, NCART Executive Director, said, "With the coverage and funding issues now and those that lie ahead, our website will serve as an important tool in telling the Complex Rehab Technology story and protecting access to these important products and services. It has been designed to provide information and resources in an easy-to-access format, to allow for increased advocacy interaction and communication, and to give us a structure that we can add to and enhance as we move ahead."

The new website is organized under the following areas:

  • Current Issues - Highlights significant issues that are currently in play that impact access to Complex Rehab Technology products and services.
  • Advocacy - Describes NCART's focus on protecting and promoting access to Complex Rehab Technology products and services and identifies NCART's leadership with contact information.
  • Position Papers - Presents NCART's positions on important legislative and regulatory matters along with related background information and actions needed.
  • Medicaid - Identifies resources for working with State Medicaid programs including Medicaid Strategic Assistance, Medicaid Discussion Forum, Medicaid News, Medicaid Tools, and Medicaid Links.
  • Educational Material - Provides documents, presentations, and studies to help educate stakeholders and policymakers regarding Complex Rehab Technology products, processes, and benefits.
  • Policymakers - Provides an overview of Complex Rehab Technology and offers direct assistance to policymakers on issues relating to the coverage and funding of the products and services involved.
  • Membership - Provides a searchable list of NCART members by state along with the ability for interested companies to submit a membership application online.
  • Other Resources - Provides searchable links to important organizations and websites along with links to videos relating to Complex Rehab Technology.
  • Updates - Allows website visitors to register to receive periodic updates on important issues and events relating to Complex Rehab Technology.
  • Contact Your Legislator - Allows website visitors to obtain the names of their federal and state legislative representatives and then communicate to them their positions on key issues.

Gary Gilberti, NCART President, stated, "We are pleased to have created another tool that will allow all stakeholders, providers, manufacturers, consumers, clinicians, and policymakers to be better informed regarding Complex Rehab Technology matters. Upgrading the website has been one of our biggest priorities in making NCART a relevant resource in terms of advocacy and addressing industry issues. An informative and easy to navigate website will be very helpful as we increase our efforts moving into 2010 and beyond."

Release Date: 12-Nov-2009