Coverage and funding at the state level play a key role in the availability and provision of CRT products and supporting services. NCART offers providers, associations, and policy makers strategic advice and direct advocacy on state issues to protect and improve access to CRT.

When a significant access issue regarding CRT is identified within a state, NCART's Payer Relations Committee and our state workgroups convene to assist providers, manufacturers, state associations, and others in reviewing the problem, identifying needed solutions, and implementing the necessary advocacy plans. Below is a summary of some of our ongoing work:

California - A stakeholder workgroup continues to work with the Department regarding the rescission of the 10% Medi-Cal cuts for CRT products; NCART discussed concerns regarding access to required CRT evaluations with the California chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association.

Illinois - State legislation has been introduced to address CRT reimbursement rates and improve coverage of repair labor for CRT; an NCART provider workgroup met with the Department in March to discuss and is providing additional information.

North Carolina - NCART submitted comments on state telehealth policy that supported authorizing physical and occupational therapists as permanent telehealth practitioners; NCART provided additional state telehealth policy information to the Clinician Task Force, whose members are conducting discussions with the Medicaid Department in the state. 

Michigan - NCART continues to collaborate with the Michigan Homecare & Hospice Association on introduced state CRT legislation and has provided input on legislative questions; that legislation passed in the Senate in March and will now be considered by the House; a March meeting was held with the Department to discuss other CRT issues.

Ohio - NCART continues to collaborate with OAMES to collect needed data and address reimbursement for certain ancillary CRT items; a March meeting was held with the Department and discussions are ongoing.

West Virginia - NCART submitted comments on proposed state telehealth policy, requesting that physical and occupational therapists be included as authorized telehealth practitioners.