Coverage and funding at the state level play a key role in the availability and provision of CRT products and supporting services. NCART offers providers, manufacturers, associations, and policy makers strategic advice and direct advocacy on state issues to protect and improve access to CRT.

When a significant access issue is identified within a state, NCART's Payer Relations Committee and our state workgroups convene to review the problem, identify needed solutions, and implement the necessary advocacy plans. Below is a summary of some of our ongoing work:

California – An NCART stakeholder workgroup is meeting monthly to address issues impacting access to CRT through the Medi-Cal program. Legislative meetings were held in March to discuss repair reform needed in the state; NCART will be testifying at committee hearings in April. 

Connecticut –NCART, AA Homecare, HOMES, and other stakeholders are conducting research and outreach to in-state providers and manufacturers; NCART and others provided testimony during several February and March committee hearings; legislative discussions have been held to discuss repair reform needed in the state.

Massachusetts –CRT repair reform legislation has been introduced in the House; NCART, AA Homecare, HOMES, and others are working with state lobbyists; meetings with legislators were held in March and NCART will be testifying at upcoming committee hearings.

New York – NCART is communicating with bill authors about CRT Separate Recognition legislation introduced in the Assembly and Senate this session.

Washington – NCART and other industry stakeholders including AA Homecare and VGM are supporting the Pacific Association of Medical Equipment Services (PAMES) in advocating for support and passage of legislation (S.5218) that would exempt Complex Rehab Technology from state sales tax.