September 12, 2017 CRT Stakeholders and Friends, H.R. 3730 is the new bill to stop CMS' inappropriate application of Medicare Competitive Bid pricing to CRT manual wheelchair accessories (critical wheelchair components). As reported, this new legislation is being led by Representatives Lee Zeldin (R-NY) and John Larson (D-CT) and they were joined in this bipartisan introduction by 41 original cosponsors. This fix is critical to protect access for people with disabilities who rely on CRT manual wheelchairs. It's a very busy/chaotic time in Congress. The bipartisan introduction of H.R. 3730 by 43 Representatives is a great start, but it's important everyone now take the time to reach out to their Representative and get them to sign as a cosponsor. The CRT community will need to work hard to be get this supported and passed. You can see the list of the Representatives signed on so far here and access the related legislative position paper here. We've updated the materials and tools at to make your outreach to your Representative as easy as possible. Visit the site and use the H.R. 3730 email and call links to get to your Representative's office. Remember, polite persistence is key to a successful outcome. Side Note: We expect a Senate companion bill to be introduced shortly. But for now, our focus is on securing House of Representatives cosponsors. Thanks for taking the time to contact your Representative and secure them as a cosponsor. Please spread the word to others so they can use the tools and do the same. Regards, Don Donald E. Clayback Executive Director | NCART Office 716-839-9728 | Cell 716-913-4754 [email protected] | P.S. If you know of any other stakeholders that would like to receive updates like these, have them join our mailing list here!