July 27, 2021

CRT Advocates and Friends,

NCART and the Clinician Task Force are proud to jointly publish "Evidence-Based Response to Insurance Denials of Standing Devices”. The document provides important and helpful guidance to policy makers and health care insurance plans regarding the proper coverage and funding of standing devices for children and adults with disabilities. The full press release can be read here.

"Standing devices have a long history of prescription and use to provide important medical benefits and other positive outcomes.” said Don Clayback, Executive Director of NCART. “When properly prescribed and utilized, they play an important role in reducing medical complications, clinical interventions, and hospitalizations.”

Cara Masselink, PhD, OTRL, ATP, Executive Director of the Clinician Task Force said, “We see frequent inappropriate denials of funding for standing devices. These denials often stem from a lack of awareness of the evidence of medical benefits and of the reduced interventions that come from proper prescription and utilization.”

Special thanks are given to the CRT clinician and industry work group members who gathered the benefits, evidence, coverage guidelines, and other information to complete this resource to help ensure appropriate access for people with disabilities.

The document can be downloaded here or found at www.ncart.us and www.cliniciantaskforce.us