July 18, 2016 NCART Board and Supporters, Unfortunately the Congressional legislation to impose a 3 month delay to the implementation of the July 1 DME cuts failed to pass the Senate on Friday. Accordingly, the July 1 cuts will remain in effect unless Congress takes action when they return in September after their summer recess. The 3 month delay legislation had passed in the House. But it failed to pass in the Senate on Friday due to a "hold" placed by an unidentified Senator as part of the Senate's "hot line" process. This further emphasizes the need to secure passage of H.R. 3229 and S. 2196 to stop the application of competitive bid rates to CRT power and manual wheelchair accessories. We had a very good showing and discussions in Congress last week to secure passage of the CRT accessories legislation. We will be sharing more details on that and on needed next steps shortly. Don Donald E. Clayback Executive Director | NCART Office 716-839-9728 | Cell 716-913-4754 [email protected] | www.ncart.us