October 6, 2016 CRT Wheelchair Accessories Legislation Update Can December 31 major Medicare payment cuts to Complex Rehab wheelchair accessories be stopped? The solution rests in getting Congress to pass needed legislation before year-end. While Congress is currently in recess for the elections, they return on November 14 for the "lame duck" session. This year-end session will be a hectic time, but it's the opportunity for passage of House bill H.R. 3229 and companion Senate bill S. 2196 to stop these cuts. To help publicize the issue and get more folks to reach out to Congress an ad was placed in an Assistive Technology Insert published last Friday in USA Today in the cities of Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York City. Share the ad with others in your circle of friends, associates, and organizations to get them to let Congress know this legislation MUST get passed this year. The legislation also received a boost from a September 28 letter to Congress from the National Disability Leadership Alliance. Sincere thanks goes to them for their support. As we look toward year-end we have a solid base of support from 145 Representatives on H. R. 3229 and 25 Senators on S. 2196. The co-sponsor list can be found here. But getting significant support is not the same as getting a bill passed. We need to leverage our progress and get Congress to pass the legislation before they adjourn in December. To make that happen Members of Congress must continue to hear from their constituents over the next several weeks as they discuss priorities and plans for the lame duck session. The message to them is the Complex Rehab wheelchair accessories bill is "must pass" legislation. With that in mind, please reconnect with your Members using the email here or by calling them through the Congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121. If they are already a co-sponsor, thank them and emphasize the need to pass this legislation when they come back after elections. If they are not signed on yet, make that request and stress the need for passage. There's a great deal at stake. People with disabilities continued access to needed Complex Rehab wheelchairs and accessories depends on Congress passing H.R. 3229 and S. 2196 this year. It's up to us to help Congress do the right thing. Thanks for taking the time to reconnect with your Members and being part of the year-end push. Let us know if we can be of assistance and we'll keep you posted as we move ahead. Regards, Don Donald E. Clayback Executive Director | NCART Office 716-839-9728 | Cell 716-913-4754 [email protected] |www.ncart.us P.S. If you know of other CRT stakeholders who would like to receive these types of updates please have them sign up at the NCART website.