March 3, 2020

CRT Providers and Manufacturers,

NCART has received updated information from CMS regarding billing for CRT Manual Wheelchair Accessories. The full text of that update has been posted here.

Here are the highlights from the update and some additional information provided by CMS:

  1. The new payment rates (not yet published) will be in place on July 1 and providers will be able to use the KU modifier for billing CRT Manual Wheelchair Accessories. Until July 1 providers should continue to bill as they have been.
  2. Other impacted CRT wheelchair base codes that were missing have now been added, as we had requested (E1231, E1232, E1233, E1234).
  3. Public comments regarding impacted accessory codes are being requested by March 12 (the CMS list is included in the link above). NCART will be reviewing the list to ensure all needed codes have been included and will submit comments.
  4. CMS is researching whether they will be able to offer the option to automatically reprocess claims submitted prior to July 1 rather than requiring providers to resubmit.

We will continue to provide updates to you as we receive additional details from CMS.


Don Clayback
Executive Director | NCART |