January 16, 2020

CRT Providers and Manufacturers, 

CMS has released initial instructions on implementation of the CRT Manual Wheelchair Accessories Legislation (H.R. 1865) signed into law on December 20, 2019. We have provided a summary of the highlights below. The full announcement can be read here

CMS has indicated that they will be developing additional information on codes, payment rates, and submission instructions in the months ahead and NCART along with other industry stakeholders will have an opportunity to provide input.  

Here are the highlights:

  • CMS specifically identifies "CRT manual wheelchairs" as codes E1161 and K0005, and also includes the other manual wheelchair codes identified in the legislation.
  • The announcement indicates that new rates are effective 1/1/20 but all system changes MAY take until 7/1/20 (or longer).
  • For now, providers should continue to bill accessories as they have been doing and claims will be paid at the Competitive Bid adjusted rates.
  • Once the MAC systems are updated, retroactive payments will be available.

We have already communicated our requests for clarification to CMS regarding the timing of system changes and whether retroactive payments will require suppliers to resubmit claims.  We will be sending updates as we receive additional details from CMS. 

Don Clayback
Executive Director | NCART
[email protected] | www.ncart.us